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A Monthly
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A Monthly

Plan and organize your finances.
Create your own payment categories.
Assign money to each category.
Copy and paste expenses from your bank.
Assign a category to every expense.
Find out where your money goes!
for Google Sheets
  or log in and use "Make a copy" from the demo site.

for LibreOffice

for Excel
  • LibreOffice is a free office suite like Microsoft Office. It is available for download at libreoffice.org.

  • All versions include a pie chart, a tab that automatically groups expenses by category, and a percent calculator.

version 3.0

Organize your finances

1. On the first tab, determine the amount of money available for the month. If desired, you can use the Percent tab to determine a percentage of your income for savings. You can type in any of the yellow boxes.

2. Create your own categories, as needed.

3.  Based on the popular "envelope" method of budgeting, assign a portion of money at the beginning of the month to each category, as though it were in an envelope. (You can still re-assign money later in the month, like transferring money in envelopes.) The green box shows the amount of money available to assign to categories.

4. On the second tab of the spreadsheet, record expenses from your bank. You can copy and paste expenses from your bank's website (or from a CSV download). Select the column with expenses in the yellow box at the top.

5. Use the toggles in the first column to select a category for each expense.

The amount of money remaining in each category will automatically update on the first tab.
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